What’s Amazon FBA ?

“Fulfillment by Amazon” is Amazon’s storage, delivery management and after-sales service for your online business.

How does it work?

You need to create an Amazon seller account and then select the products to switch to “FBA”.

Simply tag your products one by one (or pay them to do it) and send your inventory to an Amazon warehouse. Thanks to a partnership with UPS, sending them to Amazon is not very expensive. Then Amazon takes care of everything else. It manages direct mail to customers, handles returns and provides after-sales service.

What is important to remember is that all logistics points are removed.

Why choose Amazon?

The products have a certain visibility on Amazon which is the first sales website in the world.

In addition, packages are sent at a speed rarely equalled on other e-shops, which makes the customer very loyal to this site. Their customer service is also impeccable, it is very well regarded by customers and allows a good image for your brand.

Finally, it’s easy to work on the Amazon site because it’s ergonomic and allows you to get used to it very quickly.

to be continued.