The extensive social media market

Today it is said, that in the digital marketing industry to bring marketing through electronic devices, it should be over the extensive social media market.

The number of active users in 2016 in social media networks was 23 billion people, approximately one-third of the world population. In addition, of which 19 billion use social networks in their smartphones. According to these figures social media networks have proven to be a marketing tool that should no longer be careless in the social media market and we should focus on strong competition.

Although popular American social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are widely used in Japan, there are several Japan-only social media networks that overseas companies need to be aware of, too.
In terms of social media use, there are almost as many account access via mobile as the total number of active social media accounts, which is over 90% of all social media usage.

In a recent report, when asked what social media network they would least want to give up, Japanese consumers answered Line overwhelmingly, while Twitter and Facebook sit at 19 and 18 percent respectively.