Taking advantage of “Big Data” to be a smarter marketer

Today everything you do on the Internet will be tagged and tracked, which means there is even more data about everything marketers need to know about their audience.

The data is more commonly known asBig Datawhere marketers utilize cookies and device IDs to identify their potential customers.
The new challenge for marketers is to utilize data without violating usersprivacy preferences and protecting individuals‘.
How can marketers and advertisers utilizeBig Datain a better way?
As a marketer, you must be familiar with the buzzwordPeople based marketing,” While this new trend is booming for marketers and customers alike, oftentimes confusion occurs with whatPeople based marketingmeans.

Consumer data is the most valuable asset for today’s companies.
Netflix uses usersengagement data to provide visuals and information that will get users to choose a video they like.
Netflix’s engagement data includes every play, pause, search, and click from their current members and past ones too.

From the consumersperspective, this is one helpful application of leveraging data that is collected to avoid other issues that come with being completely connected to the online world-like avoiding analysis paralysis.

From small business to big business, having more access to user data will give advertisers and marketers significant benefits.