Influencer Marketing

A Growing Trend

More than a third of the world’s population uses community applications. The number of active users increases by 21% in 1 year and new trends are emerging, such as bots, which will simplify some tasks and allowed a new use of social networks.

An ecosystem that allows you to be visible and sell

An ecosystem that will be between $ 5 billion and $ 10 billion within 5 years. An impressive figure, it has produced twice as many sales as the paid media (advertising purchased by brands). Customers acquired through this process have a retention rate of 37%. Social networks have made it possible to map the markets and to fragment it (automotive, beauty, fashion …), “each platform has a different typology of users”. It’s in this context that brands have to think twice before choosing the platform(s) the most appropriate to their objectives.

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Change the perception and have a purchasing influence

Opinion leaders, trend makers, experts, influencers have the ability to change perception and to have a buying influence from a committed community. There are several types of platform functions: bloggers, Instagrammers, youtubers,… Influencers are dependent on their platform. Indeed, if it closes, their influence will drop significantly, resulting in changes in their mode of operation (ex: Vine and its influencers who disappeared from the radar screens). Most influencers are “tenants” of their platform, the blog being the only platform where one can be “owner” by keeping the control and deciding alone of its possible closure.


VIP, celebrities, at the top of the pyramid of influencer

Influencers are the basis of isolated people who have less influence (here the “amplifiers”). More ongoing top of this pyramid, more their status is important, with a reduced number of VIP “star influencers” and celebrities each having a very high influence and audience.

Ultimately, influencer marketing is a growing industry. The budgets that are allocated are growing, as is the number of influencers who become professional. The sector still raises new issues such as the obligation of transparency. Hashtags #ad, or #advertising are emerging, to allow users to different platforms to distinguish marketing campaigns.