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Management of Multilingual Social Media Marketing systemsSMO

 From Japan to all Asia and to all over the world. We manage social networks in the languages your business requires.
Our team is native of the languages you prefer and is trained to interact with your customers, fans and followers. We respond to inquires or other interactions through your social networks.
 Your business doesn’t require more staff nor expenses training your actual one. Your business requires a low-cost investment with high returns. 

 Our staff can manage all your networks trough cloud systems, post your information instead of you, interact with your customers and allow us to demonstrate our skills. Contact us today for a free setup for your business. 



Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Chinese, Japanese, English, spanish SEO-Optimisation

Creating a website is only half of the work. Without effective optimization of search engine visibility, your website might as well not exist.  
Our  team not only has a proven track record of effective website search-ability for both our clients and ourselves, we also have close, strong partnerships with both Japanese and Chinese Search Engine Optimization specialists. With this combination, your website is sure to more visible and garner higher amounts of Internet traffic. 

Feel free to inquire to get a special plan!



Email Marketing (Email Magazine)EMAIL-MAGAZINE-services

Email marketing as a digital magazine is one of the best ways to keep your customers up to date on all the news, events promotions and special sales of your company.
Aside from being able to create or email, we can help your staff to better understand e-magazine systems and set up your information with the platform that best suits your needs. 



Japanese e-commerceJapanese ecommerce

We offer our expertise and language skills to set-up, manage or just visualize your possibilities on the Japanese E-commerce. 
We are experts on the the main platforms to develop or shift your store under the most popular and flexible Japanese platforms. Oh, and don’t forget our advice on Japanese law for setting you e-business! 

Talk with us and learn more!



Social Media Analytics Social Media Analytics Analitics

Stay ahead of your rivals by observing your customer behavior. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram as well as many other social media networks can be observed and analyze to understand, predict and adapt to your customer’s interests and trends. Hashtags, comments and many other social activities online will tell you indispensable data on the future of your brand or services.

Our experience has helped local tourism organisations to view their prospect target behavior on real time.
Our services with social media analytics might be the difference between accurate targeting and response from all other different methods of international marketing.

Did we mention the cost performance difference? Contact us now and learn more!  



Drop-shipping for Japan and ChinaDropshipping services Japan China

your products from/to Japan or China? Let us know your specifics and allow us to find a better option. Direct shipping, re-direct shipping or warehousing your products in Japan could be the safest way to ship in Japan and China. Contact us now and learn more!  

Ship to us, we ship from Japan to Japan or China. By article, by Box, by container.

We storage your products and, ship for you. Track your items and talk with your customers.

Any product return? We take care of it and storage for you.

Oh, and don’t forget our advice on Japanese law for setting you e-business!



Multilingual online customer service trough social networksEnglish-Japanese-Chinese-spanish-customer-service

We are also experts on the customer service you require in the language you require, to maintain your buyers and/or visitors happy and informed of your products, sales, etc.

No need to create a new office, hire staff and invest on hardware. Allow us to take care of your customers in the language they require.

Don’t think and do, Free service trial available!



Chinese  Marketing trough WEIBO

Digital Marketing in highly restricted in China social media sites being restricted, the Chinese flood to WEIBO to handle the issues rest of the world tends to handle in sites like Facebook or Twitter. It is one of the most popular sites in all China, with over 30% of them as users. In China this means huge numbers.
Chinese Weibo

WEIBO Marketing opens possibilities for foreign businesses wishing to enter the Chinese market. A market of one billion potential customers. Western companies have to be able advertise and compete in a sea of risk, regulations and restrictions. Online Censorship and government policies limit the maneuvering space of foreign businesses in Chinese e-commerce but we have a solution and we have experience.

With years in the market and the Staff your project requires, we are ready to give and answer (答) to your questions (問)

Don’t think and do, Free service trial available!