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Technology innovations have pushed business to the age of selective consumption.

Nowadays, consumers no longer need to read newspapers or magazines nor watch TV or listen to the Radio.


Marketing has evolved to Mobile portability and faster purchasing decisions require new individualised marketing techniques.

Commerce has developed to a point where is now possible to buy an item located in the other side of the world with the simple movement of a finger and pay with an infinity of options accessible to almost anyone.

Small and medium size Business are now accessible to almost anyone around the world.

Technological changes present new business challenges but also present many opportunities for small enterprises.  Is your business ready to cope with all this new changes?
Entering new markets on dynamic economies doesn’t require massive investments, branch registrations, staffing or hardware acquisition.  It is now a matter of technology approach, up-to-date language localisation and cultural understanding.

Technology now allows business to reduce costs and expand overseas. Business can now dedicate to improve their products or services and leave professionals to manage, enhance and display their brands around the world and particularly to potential customers with precise purchasing habits.

Our team is composed by multilingual natives from different cultural backgrounds and led by marketing and language translation professionals with decades of experience.

With dozens and dozens of projects for companies in four continents, we have developed digital marketing techniques and social media marketing skills ready to improve, expand and amplify your brand and business for a fraction of traditional marketing.

With just few months on the market, we were immediately approached by foreign business looking for our skills and talent to develop marketing and sales campaigns in their new target markets. Same companies that have been our clients for years, since the very opening of our company.

“Keep in mind that your brand is NOT your logo, your tagline, your products or services in the eyes of a new customer”

Your brand and business image seen on the small screen of a Mobile device is nothing but another illustration with no personality, character or …friends.

In Digital Media, brands have a social image, just like any member of a social group.

Do you know which social group is more sensitive to buy your products?

Do you know which country identifies better with your brand?

To keep your Brand easy to find through billions of daily online searches is just the first part of a Sale.
Your Business image and ease-of-reach is the vital difference between staying afloat or being swept away by a river of Data.

Don’t let your image to be handled by unprepared or improvised Staff. Boost your image and your income by investing on culture professionals and let them interact with your clientele around the world.

Get to know about expansion opportunities. Contact us today and tells us how you imagine your business in the next years. We will be happy to listen to your needs and find the best solutions to help you get there. 

Get there and get paid.

Entering a new cultural market is not only translation. Every country requires special approach for paying systems.

Over the years, our main inquiry has been: 

“I translated my website and invested on advertising but still we have few sales. Why?” 

Every economy is different and every person works under different conditions and their salaries are paid through different systems. Those individuals are used to move their capital to the systems they know and trust.

Just because other countries use and trust their payment institutions, that doesn’t mean that citizens of other countries can easily have access and have reliance in those systems.  Easy example:

 Would you use your Bank account to pay for something, OR, would you use your Bank to pay another Bank to pay another Bank for something?

The answer is obvious and it gets definitive when you realize that your Bank will give you discounts and credits for future purchases on local payments.

Know your options, understand the trends and get paid. We will tell you how and will help you choose your best options. 


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