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Mondo Marketing

We are a Multilingual Digital Marketing Agency in Japan.

 The reason of our name comes from the search for solutions by method of analysis and meditation (analytic thinking and creativity) to create marketing techniques applicable to various cultures and ​​​platforms in different languages.


(Question and Answer)

koan” form Zen Buddhism in Japan. It refers to the approach of a testable question, used meditation as a discipline for beginners. The effort to “solve” a koan. Exhausting the analytic intellect and self-will, preparing the mind to entertain an appropriate response to intuitive level.

Mondo latín mundus (Italian):MundoWorld

It refers to the planet as a physical entity, and distinguishes it from other planets and physical objects. ‘World’ can also be attributed to the meaning of ‘global’, ‘relating to the whole world’, forming usages such as world.

Our vision is to go beyond Local thinking to help become “Glocal” An agency ready to provide easy solutions for companies expanding overseas. More than an agency, a business partner that will provide full know-how support and cultural approach for foreign market entry.

Our Staff has been selected because of bilingualism but specially because “multy-culturalism” The main factors your business need to access new frontiers and sail in new friendly seas.


 How to expand a business overseas with a limited budget? How to design a new concept or improve it to a foreign cultural perception? What are the most important features of a new cultural market? How will a new brand will be received on a foreign culture? How to understand a new audience to adapt and respond adequately with limited resources. 



Use analytic thinking to translate an idea with the help of natives of the language. Improve important business details by understanding the targeting market. Use creative thinking to become a familiar Brand by approaching cultural similitud. Benefit from analytic thinking, creativity, experience and knowledge of individuals of your new enterprise area.




President, Senior Adviser

After two decades managing marketing firms, Mr Atsushi understood that online marketing was the future of marketing and advertising.

Mr Atsushi is looking to use his experience and knowledge to offer better marketing options for corporations looking to expand overseas as well as corporations looking to enter Japan and Asia.

Education: Bachelors of Business Administration & Economics from Kobe University

Experience: ​more than 20 years working with both corporate level and local business marketing including NTT and other major corporations. Mr Atsushi also works as a private marketing adviser for local business and he is investor for several new business in the Aichi Prefecture.

Philosophy: “Adapt to new technologies or be left behind” The Internet has brought a huge amount of expansion potential for companies of all sizes, especially small and medium. However, there are also a lot of companies that just can’t communicate their message. When it comes to the new challenges and opportunities of globalization, business will have a unique opportunity to expand abroad at very low cost. A golden chance to grow from Small to Medium or Medium to Big”

Hitomi (Vice President)

With over 20 years of experience in Japanese translation, Localisation, Technical translation and writing, Hitomi is the leader of localisation, market entry and cultural approach.
She accounts with several years of social media campaign management for multicultural projects and Japan market entry.
Education: Aichi University, Economics. Certificate of Qualification for Conference Interpreter – Japan Interpreters’ Association. English Language program @ University of California, University Extension Berkeley. Conference Interpreter Level 2. Test in Practical English Proficiency Grade 1. Test of English for International Communication (98%)
(Language) Experience: Japanese – English translation professor at Congress Institute and several other schools and universities.
Digital Marketing Experience: Years of translation and localisation management for dozens of projects and campaigns for advertising, paid media (Google Ads/Adwords/Yahoo Japan, Twitter Japan/Facebook) Social Media Marketing and E-commerce. Bilingual customer service and Staff management.

Philosophy: “The right words for the right message” In the era of Globalization, adequate use of language becomes crucial. A corporate message can’t be simply translated to another cultural language. Cultural understanding and familiarity with a company or product can’t  happen without the correct assimilation of the message”


(Account Executive)

20 years of experience in Japanese/Spanish/English translation and localisation. Social Media Marketing, SEO, Paid advertising and Graphic design.
Jose is the founder of Mondo Marketing (Previously; Mondo Media Networks) After Years of interest on new digital media marketing communications and eCommerce, Jose founded Mondo. MONDO comes from the Japanese: 問答 which means “Question & Answer” The answer for new starting business, business that require social communication and corporations entering new markets.
Education: Tourism Business Management.(Mexico) Broadcasting (New York) Japanese (Advance certificate), English (Native-level certification).
Language Experience: 20 years of Japanese – English – Spanish translation and interpretation in several countries. Multilingual sales and project coordination.
Digital Marketing Experience: Multilingual SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Design Graphic Design, Video edition.Amazon Management and eCommerce, corporate digital marketing strategy.
Google Ads/Ad words/Yahoo Japan, Twitter Japan/Facebook) Bilingual customer service and Staff management.

Philosophy: “Because it worked in other countries, it doesn’t mean it will work in Japan. Culture and language changes everyday and companies have to adapt to a fast changing world in the Digital era. Now is the time for small corporations to take place together with large corporation on the international business scene”