International Inbound Marketing and ecommerce from Japan

Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, English Social Media Marketing (SMO)


Our specialty and mayor expertise is Social Media Marketing in Asia. From Asia to the world and back, in the languages that better suit your business.

Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, English Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Without effective optimization of search engine visibility, your website might as well not exist. Don’t be a just a drop in the ocean be found and understood Japanese, Chinese, English or Spanish.

Translation and Localization



 Our experienced Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, English -native staff is ready to  and localise your content from/to Chinese, English, Japanese and Spanish.

The most important languages for dynamic content and e-commerce.

Japanese e-commerce



We offer years of expertise working with Amazon, Rakuten, ClubNets and other Japanese e-commerce websites to set-up, manage or advertise your possibilities on the Japanese E-commerce atmosphere.

Inbound marketing campaigns can have a number of goals such as building brand awareness, learning about customer’s purchasing behavior, locating markets and improving sales.
With years of experience we have developed a number of promotional options for your business and in the 4 most used languages in the world, reaching over a 1,000 million internet users everywhere.

Allow us to know more about your business and let us show you our very personal approach. Contact us! 

About us

 MONDO (Question and Answer)

“KOAN” form Zen Buddhism in Japan.

It refers to the approach of a testable question, used meditation as a discipline for beginners. The effort to “solve” a koan.

Exhausting the analytic intellect and self-will, preparing the mind to entertain an appropriate response to intuitive level.

Mondo” Latín: mundus

World’ international, worldwide, global, universal, multiracial, multilingual.

Our name expresses our mission:

The response link between cultures and traditions and the simple solution for overseas marketing and e-commerce”


Atsushi S.

Senior Adviser


Jose E.

General Manager


Hitomi I.



Risa C.

Translator, Writer 


Alex I.

Sales Manager 


Chenyao W.

Translator, Writer 


"Our company...

"Our company...

…has been happy customer of Mondo for years. Our products require a special marketing strategy to get closer to our customers by means different to traditional marketing.

Mondo has helped us in improving the quality of our advertisements in Japan and China. It would have been very difficult to manage all this from our headquarters.

"Mondo has contributed...

"Mondo has contributed...

…with the management of Smokey Tours social media networking and advertising to find more followers for our organization in Japan.

We are a charitable organization and it was hard to find cost-effective ways to market ourselves. Now we have increased our real followers to help us promote our causes. Thanks to everyone in Mondo for making this possible”

"MONDO has...

"MONDO has...

…good extra services for foreign companies like mine, to provide accurate marketing in Japan. The service they gave us preparing, translating and pitching the Press Release and social media setup of our new application ( was extraordinary. They accomplished faster than schedule and with all details of all the media sites where they published our release”



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